Lexi Agona is a model, dancer, and talent from Pittsburgh, and I was thrilled when she wanted to work with me. We met at Northmoreland Park, she pulled on my Sage dress up over her cute harem pants, and danced in the golden hour sunlight. The biggest takeaway I learned from shooting her? Don't stop moving!

woman poses in front of hazy sun and green forest, wearing a sage dress, holding her head and looking off to the distanc
woman twirls sage colored tulle dress in a green park
woman dances in a sage colored tulle dress in the middle of a park
woman poses sat in the high grass in front of golden sun, wearing a sage tulle dress, looking solemnly at the camera
black and white photo of a woman running away from the photographer, her dress and hair blow in the wind
black and white portrait of a woman standing in the grass, eyes closed softly
black and white photo of a woman twirling her dress in a park

Model: Lexi Agona @lexiagona

Location: Apollo Pennsylvania

Dress: Selfie Leslie (size medium available for clients)