Pricing Guide


1 subject
Ideal for seniors, maternity,
milestone, fashion.
Includes 5 high resolution images
Additional images $10 each



2 subjects
Great for couples, engagement,
anniversary, friends.
Includes 8 high resolution images.
Additional images $10 each



Perfect for families, groups,
and including pets.
Includes 10 high resolution images.
Additional images $10 each



How Do I Get The Images?

Post-production, your final images will be loaded into a gallery here on my website. I will email/message you the link with the password. Your gallery is always password-protected, meaning nobody can view or download your images without the password. From there you will "favorite" each photo that you want for download. If you favorite more than the allotted amount, I will invoice you for the extras. Once payment is made, you will receive a download PIN.
I recommend downloading them to a hard drive, usb drive, or cloud, to make sure you never lose them. Also remember, they are high-resolution files, so they'll take up a lot of space on something small like a phone or tablet.

What If I Want More Pictures?

Your package includes a set number of images, that you will choose upon delivery. Additional images can be added at $10 each, or purchase the whole gallery for a discount! Just "favorite" the ones you want for download and I'll do the rest!

When will we get our photos?

1-2 weeks

Do I Have To Order Prints Through You?

Of course not. But I highly recommend that everyone orders through their photographer for 2 reasons:
-We use professional labs. Our computer monitors are calibrated to the specific lab we use, so when you order through us, the colors and tones of your picture will look exactly how it looks online.
-I cannot guarantee quality if you choose someone else. If something comes in not right, cropped badly, wrong paper, etc., I contact the lab myself and sort out your replacement. If Shutterfly, Walgreens, or Walmart messes up your order, I can't help you.

is retouching included?

Every portrait I deliver has been fine-tuned to my highest capability. I go at these images like an artist on a canvas. I take ethical liberties with aesthetic things like teeth whitening, blemish removal, skin smoothing and more, to make you look like You, on your best day.
More time-consuming editing such as slimming, wrinkle removal, color changes, removal of objects, etc., are available by request.

do you have a studio?

I do not. I primarily shoot outdoors. If you are wanting an indoor location, I have many sources for studio rentals around Pittsburgh that we can work into your budget.
Other options include Air BnB, hotel room, or small businesses like coffee shops or green houses.
Whatever your creative juices are telling you, we can make it happen.