Fine Art Portrait

Welcome to my creative side. I specialize in individual sessions, whether they're senior photos, a birthday, milestone, modeling, or just because! I love working with clients one-on-one so I can give you my full attention and make this experience about You.

I have 3 session types to choose from; two which include hair, makeup, and floral. When you book with me, I'll book your hair and makeup appointment for a few hours before our session start time. The hair and makeup artists I partner with are located in Gibsonia. For outdoor sessions, you will have the services done at their salon. For studio sessions, the HMUAs come to us. And floral? Yes! I love to incorporate flowers in my photoshoots. I feel that it elevates portraits with color, textures, and helps with posing. Bouquets are seasonally sourced from Luna Joy Flower Farm in Vandergrift.

Every session includes a free "practice shoot". Never heard of that? Me neither, so I made it up. I myself am neurodivergent, and new situations where I don't know what to expect amplify my anxiety. If you relate, keep reading! We will meet at the photoshoot location, take a walk around the area, and break the ice a little bit. We can even run through some poses and prompts, so when it comes time for your real session, you'll feel ready and confident.

I can't wait to create with you!