Angelecia came to me to create her vision of a mixture of Aphrodite, Pisces, reinvention, and taking charge of femininity. She shared with me some intimate details of her life- a life she had spent in survival mode, not only from past military experiences, but personal and internal experiences as well. She talked about always having to have her guard up, taking on a masculine role to survive and losing herself as a woman. Throughout her journey the past few years she has done some intense healing and reflection, and wanted to showcase her femininity. It takes guts to strip down to our insecurities and show the world who we are, and she did just that, and she did it BEAUTIFULLY. I am so proud of her, and eternally thankful that she chose me to create this story for her.

red haired woman posing standing in a creek wearing a white dress
red haired woman cradling flowers
red haired woman posing standing in a creek in a white dress
red haired woman sitting on a rock in a creek, wearing a white dress and cradling flowers
ophelia inspired photo of a woman lying in a creek, eyes closed, with flowers and water around her

Location: Shaler Pennsylvania

Time: 2-4pm

Hair and Makeup: @monarchcollectivebeautystudio

Floral: @lunajoyflowerfarm