What is Ignite Studios?

Ignite Studios features 2 rooms- a photography studio and an event space. The studio features white walls and ceiling, ample natural light, all-season climate control, and lighting such as Alien B800, B1600, soft boxes, 86" circular modifier.

We continuously have 3 rolls of Savage Seamless backdrop prepared, usually in neutral colors like black, tan, and brown, but colors can easily be switched out to fit your vibe!

For our grand re-opening party, we designed 3 different sets for photographers and models to work with.

Near the windows, our boudoir scene features a queen size bed with white/neutral linens, a vintage bench at the foot, and a vintage wallpaper panel that can easily be wheeled away if you'd prefer the white wall.

boudoir set featuring a white bed and green plants
boudoir photography featuring woman laying upside down in black lingerie
black and white of maternity woman looking out the window
black and white boudoir

For the retro lovers, we designed a 1970's living room! Complete with authentic props (thanks to my Pap Ed, who never threw anything away!), furniture, and a sun lamp for that orange/yellow 70s vibe. Depending on the time of day, you can get a soft look here from the natural light, or rely solely on external lighting at night.

Tip: wrap tan pantyhose around your lens for that vintage grain look!

70s style photo with golden lighting and woman sitting in a chair

Where are my moody lovers? This one's for you. Directional light comes from the windows at camera right, or close the blinds and use our lights. The gorgeous dried flower arrangements are here to use for a limited time!

fine art portrait of pregnant woman wearing a crown surrounded by flowers
fine art portrait of red haired woman with hair blown over her face
fine art portrait of woman with eyes closed

Looking for something more professional? We can do that all day, just bring the drip.

professional portrait of young man dressed in a suit on a black backdrop
headshot of a young man wearing a suit
fine art portrait of a young man wearing a black suit on a black backdrop

Booking Info

Location: 216 W 9th Ave Tarentum Pennsylvania

The old school building next to The Clement.

3rd floor, stairs required.

More information and to book: Ignite Studios

Special Thanks

Venue: Ignite Studios

Photographer: Ash Coniglio

Cover Photo: Julie Kahlbaugh

Hosts: Ash Coniglio & Julie Kahlbaugh

Floral: LunaJoy Flower Farm