A good headshot can mean a world of difference when potential employers, agencies, and clients are browsing. Don't be glanced over because of your 5-year old iPhone picture!

Here in the studio, my girl Erica hooks you up with hair and makeup, then I pose you through a flow of flattering and eye-catching photos.

The whole process takes between an hour/hour and a half, and your photos will be ready within just 2 weeks.

Let's get to it!

headshot of woman standing with one hand on hip, other on thigh, smiling at camera
close up headshot of brunette woman smiling softly
portrait of black girl leaning on a stool, wearing a black professional skirt outfit
close up portrait of a black girl looking stern
close up headshot of blonde woman with crossed arms, smiling
close up headshot of blond woman smiling at camera
headshot of brunette woman leaning against a window, smiling softly
headshot of a brunette woman with hands on hips, laughing at the camera

Location: Ignite Studio, Tarentum PA

HMUA: Erica from Monarch Collective Beauty Studio