Isabelle + Ertan

Love has a way of defying expectations and crossing boundaries, and Isabelle and Ertan's story is a testament to that. In a world where weddings are often elaborate affairs with months of planning and preparation, this couple chose to embrace spontaneity and simplicity by eloping at the Allegheny County Courthouse in Pittsburgh.

Isabelle, with her soft smile and adventurous spirit, met Ertan, a kind-hearted soul with a love for travel and exploration, in the bustling streets of Pittsburgh. Their connection was instant, fueled by shared passions and a deep understanding of each other's hopes and dreams.

As their relationship blossomed, Isabelle and Ertan found themselves drawn to the idea of eloping, a decision that felt true to their spontaneous nature and their desire to prioritize their love above all else. So, with hearts full of excitement and anticipation, they made the decision to exchange vows in a simple ceremony at the courthouse.

On the day of their elopement, Isabelle and Ertan arrived separately, to maintain that bit of excitement, surrounded by the love and support of a few close friends and family members. With the majestic architecture of the courthouse as their backdrop, they exchanged heartfelt vows, promising to love and cherish each other for all the days of their lives.

The joy and love that filled the courthouse that day were palpable, a testament to the power of love to unite hearts and transcend boundaries- not only from Isabelle and Ertan, but the love from the family could melt even the most jaded heart. For Isabelle and Ertan, their elopement was not just about saying "I do," but about embracing the beauty of the present moment and the journey they were embarking on together.

But their love story doesn't end here. While their courthouse elopement may have been a simple affair, Isabelle and Ertan have big plans for the future. Next year, they will celebrate their love with a grand wedding celebration in China, surrounded by friends and family from around the world.

Their decision to elope may have surprised some, but for Isabelle and Ertan, it was a reflection of their unique bond and their commitment to living life on their own terms. As they look ahead to the adventures that await them, one thing is certain – their love knows no borders, and together, they are ready to conquer the world.

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