Session Tips

Oh Sh*t, that photoshoot is today!

a head-to-toe



clean, styled, extra product applied in case of wind or humidity.


masculine: wash, exfoliate, moisturize, shave, trim, brush/groom facial hair & brows, brush teeth, chapstick.

feminine: wash, exfoliate, moisturize, clean up brows, touch up makeup, go easy on the foundation/concealer as to not “cake” or crease, brush teeth, chapstick/gloss/color.

Upper Body:

moisturize, use clear/gel deodorant, neutral bra or undershirt, iron shirt or top, use lint roller, trim/clean/polish fingernails.

Lower Body:

moisturize, shave if desired, iron pants/skirt/dress, lint roller, wear seamless panties, trim/clean/polish toenails, “good” socks, shine/clean shoes.

Things to pack:

small mirror, lip product, tissues or wipes, lint roller.

Pack these and your other personal items like wallet, phone, etc. in a bag, so your pockets aren’t stuffed.