Another top 5 list.

But make it Anti.

The internet is full of great advice when it comes to preparing for a photoshoot and having photos done. So, I've created one with some things you can forget about when you come to me.

black and white photo of a teen girl posing sitting with her knee up, arm resting on her knee, looking serious

1. Smiling.

Let's get it out there- I am not the "look here and say cheese!" kind of photographer. I love stern, somber, and pensive. Sure you are beautiful smiling, and we certainly can capture that, but never feel like you HAVE to.

Long live RBF.

young man sits in high grass, his head rests on his hand, he looks off to the left.

2. Eye Contact.

"The eyes are the windows to the soul." But have you seen your silhouette? Sheesh. (fire emoji here if I could.)

Some of the most beautiful images I've created are of side profiles, candid shots, and even when eyes are closed. It feels like "what you're supposed to do", look at the camera, but if you feel weird doing that, then just don't. I may instruct you to look off into the distance, look to the sky for birds, or to the ground for bugs.

As a matter of fact, don't even look at me.

black and white photo of a woman with long hair twirling her dress

3. Memorize Poses.

Pinning, and screen-shotting, and saving posing inspiration the night before? I love it! (photographers do it too, shh.) But then stressing because you can't remember them? Just get your phone out, show me, and I'll help you. You're paying me, let me work for you. Show me all the inspo.

black and white photo of a child girl spinning in her dress in a park

4. Stand Still.

Unless your photographer is rockin some vintage equipment, there is no need to be completely still for a photo. Any camera built in this century has the capability of capturing a subject without any blurriness. "Holding still" can be especially difficult for toddlers, kids, and folks with disabilities, and telling them to do so could make them feel stiff, awkward, and take the fun out of it. So play with your hair, twirl your dress, adjust your shirt collar, run in a circle, stim, twerk for all I care!

Let's keep it movin.

black and white photo of a teen girl standing in a field, holding flowers, holding her dress in the other hand

5. Silence.

What's worse than a stranger taking photos of you? Doing it in complete silence. I usually have a bluetooth speaker with me and while I *try* to stay current with music, I am but a cringe millennial. So come prepared with your own playlist or suffer the consequences of Top Hits 2005.